Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing Gulf Roof as your roofer. Although our products are designed to have a 10 year guarantee, we have had customers with watertight roofs for more than 30 years.

The main reason for the success of a watertight roof is not only isolated to the quality of our products and application, but also the long-term success is directly related to the property-owners correct maintenance of the roof. Just like the inside of a home, the roof must be cleaned and maintained from time to time.

To help you maintain your roof properly, please follow these simple procedures at least once a month to avoid debris build-up, or at least before every rainy season:

.  REMOVE DEBRIS! Remove all debris from the roof. In many cases we find that the summer accumulates dust, leaves, bird nests, and food. These items when accumulated could cause major problems for the roof because when the first rain arrives, they cause water ponding and gutter damage. Sharper debris such as sticks, rocks and stones could also puncture and damage your roof surface. Be sure to remove all of these from your roof.

.  CLEAR GUTTERS! Apart from removing the large debris from the gutter openings, ensure that your gutters and rain outlets are all clean & clear. You may need a pressure pump for this, or the help of an experienced plumber. More than 80% of the complaints that we receive during the rainy season are simply due to blocked gutters, and there is no other solution than to clean them out. Blocked gutters can also cause water to accumulate in the rain outlet pipe, which will cause extensive interior damage to your walls, paint, wallpaper, gypsum and more.

.  CLEAN UP! Once the above is done, it is safe to test your gutters and roof by cleaning it with some flowing water to ensure all the gutters are open, the debris is clear. This can be done with a simple garden hose.

INSPECT! With a clean roof, you can easily inspect your surface to check for any tearing, holes or cuts that may have been done by plumbers/electricians/satellite television services or simple wear & tear. If you find any, please be sure to report them to us ASAP.

Keep tour Roof Clean & Home Dry!

AGA Maintenance Team